Jan 24
DDDSW 6 Timeline

​The DDDSW committee has now had its first meeting for 2015 and would like to announce the time line to the next event - DDDSW 6.

31st Jan - Speaker Submission’s Open
21st Feb - Speaker Submission’s Close
28th Feb - Voting starts
14th March - Voting Ends
28th March - Program Published
4th April - Registration Open
25th April - DDDSW6

For those of you not familiar with the DDDSW format, members of the community are encouraged to submit proposals for sessions which they would like to present at the event. After a public vote the committee will decide which presentations are accepted and presented on the day of the conference.

In general any member of the community can submit a session which they believe is relevant and useful to the community.

We will make a further announcement on 31st January to encourage any potential speakers to submit their sessions in preperation for voting on 28th February.

The DDD South West Team

Dec 14
DDDSW 6 - Hold the date!

​The DDDSW committee take great pleasure in anouncing that we are currently planning DDDSW 6 for 25th April 2015.

We can confirm that the event will once again be held in Bristol at:

Redcliffe Sixth Form Centre

Dulverton House

Redcliff Hill




We would like to take this opportunity to thank all sponsors, speakers and delegates of DDDSW 5 and we hope that you will support us in 2015.

Please visit this website for further updates.

The DDD South West Team

Apr 20
DDDSW 5 - Program and Registration

​We are pleased to publish the program of speakers for DDDDW 5. The program can be viewed at:

Registration will open at 12:00 midday on Saturday 26th April. Go to to register. If you won't be near a PC at that time you can use the Eventbrite app to register on your smartphone.

DDD South West 5 will hold a Geek Dinner at El Puerto on Saturday at 6:30pm. There will be jugs of Sangria on the tables at a cost of £17.50 for a fixed meal. It's a great restaurant.

If you would like further details or book to attend you can register on Eventbrite at:

Apr 19
DDDSW 5 - Registration

​We're waiting for the last few responses from speakers. Once we have these we'll set up the schedule and registration. Thank you for your patience.

The DDD South West Team

Apr 06
DDDSW 5 - Session voting is now closed.

​Thank you to everyone who voted for sessions. We'll check the results over the next few days & use them to build a session timetable.

The DDD South West team.

Mar 15
DDDSW 5 - Session Voting is now open!

We are pleased to announce that​ there has been a strong response to our call for speakers for DDD South West 5. In total there have been 43 sessions submitted from a total of 28 different speakers on a wide range of topics.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank those speakers who have submitted sessions. Without you we could not run this event.

It is now open to the public to determine which sessions get presented at DDD South West 5. You can vote for your favourite sessions by completing a short web based survey.

To complete the survey we will require that you provide us with your name and email address. With your consent these details will be used to contact you about DDD South West 5 and future events.

Should any survey results include what appears to be "invalid details" then these results will be removed from the vote.

To be fair to all the speakers who have submitted sessions we ask that you only vote once.

Please click on this link to cast your vote.

Voting will be closed on Saturday 5th April 2014 at 12 noon.

Mar 15
Session Proposal: Writing better CSS with LESS

Speaker: Andy Gibson

Brief Bio

Andy is a software engineer based in Scotland who has over 10 years experience working in Web Development and .NET. He is a passionate developer and is always looking for ways to hone his skills and improve at his craft which lead him to get involved in the Scottish and UK development communities.

Brief Synopsis of Session

CSS frameworks, grid layouts and pre-processors have been getting a lot of attention in the last few years, all designed to make developing clean, elegant web pages and applications easier and more maintainable for both programmers and designers. This session will introduce the LESS pre-processor.

Description of Session

CSS has so many choices, should I go responsive? Should I use a grid layout or build my own? Should I use a framework? Should I stab my eyeballs out with this rusty screwdriver? (That last one may just be my colleagues ;-) It's no wonder that a lot of developers don't find CSS friendly.

CSS pre-processors are trying to bridge the gap and make CSS a more organic and logical styling language while still being understandable. LESS, Leaner CSS, is one of these pre-processors and this session will provide an introduction to it as well as covering

  • Basic syntax including nesting
  • Variables and Mixins
  • Operations
  • Tooling & Build Integration

If you're interested in learning about writing better, maintainable CSS, this session might be for you.

Mar 15
Session Proposal: Hello Cortana - The Windows Phone 8.1 New Bits

Speaker: Kris Athi

Brief Bio

Ive been working in the Microsoft developer space for the last 6 years and I am currently an independent developer focusing on the Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 platforms

Brief Synopsis of Session

This session aims to cover the new features that are being introduced as part of the Windows Phone 8.1 update this year. Most of which has not been confirmed as yet but will be by the time DDDSW kicks off. Expect plenty of code in a real world context

Description of Session

The description of this session is a bit vague as nothing has publically been disclosed as yet, but it will all come into fluition during the Build 2014 event in April so I will update the synopsis then.

Mar 08
Session Proposal - OAuth - why should you care?

Speaker: Jimmy Skowronski

Brief Bio

Jimmy is a developer and general trouble maker in McKinsey & Company and loves technology, especially .NET (silly, isn't it?). He likes to speak and teach and even redords for Pluralsight.

Brief Synopsis of Session

In this introduction to OAuth you will learn why and if you should care about OAuth.

Description of Session

Do want to let your users to log in to your website with their LiveId or Google accounts? Do you want to post on their wall from your applciation? Do you want to integrate your mobile app with Facebook or Twitter? If yes then you may want to learn about OAuth.

In this session you will elarn about OAuth and how to apply it in your applications.

Mar 08
Session Proposal - Automated deployment with Octopus

Speaker: Jimmy Skowronski

Brief Bio

Jimmy is a developer and general trouble maker in McKinsey & Company and loves technology, especially .NET (silly, isn't it?). He likes to speak and teach and even redords for Pluralsight.

Brief Synopsis of Session

In this session you will see not only how how to set up automated deployment with Octopus Deploy but also how to convince your boss that this is worth your while.

Description of Session

Automated deployment is like sex - everyone talks about it, everyone wants it but barely anyone does it. In this session Jimmy will take you through his experience with implementing automaded deployment in very restrictive organisation.

You will learn not only how to implment it from the technical perspective but also how to deal with manages, bosses, security and infrastructure teams.

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