May 09
Session Slides

​We hope you all had a great day at DDD South West 6.

Since the event we have a number of requests for access to speakers slide decks. Those which have been made available to us can now be accessed from the links on the DDDSW 6 - Sessions page.

As more become available we will update this page.

The DDD South West Team

Apr 04
Registration Opens for DDDSW 6 at 12.00 on 4th April 2015

​Registration for DDDSW 6 will open at 12.00 on 4th April 2015. You can register at Eventbrite using the following link.

DDDSW 6 Regsitration

Please note that if you are confirmed as a speaker at the event you will not be required to register.

After the event at 18.30 on 25th April 2015 we will be holding a Geek Dinner. This event will be held at El Puerto which is a short distance from the venue. This event is open to everybody who attends the conference and full detail are on Eventbrite. If you would like to attend you can register using the link below.

Register for the Geek Dinner

Please only register for the Geek Dinner if you intend to attend.

The DDD South West Team

Mar 28
Native mobile cross-platform with Xamarin.Forms and C# (Sponsors Track)

Peter Major

Peter has been developing software since 1996, using technologies such as VB, Delphi, C#, Azure, AngularJS and, most recently, Xamarin.

He believes in challenging the use of entrenched tools as new tools arrive that promise increased productivity and value.

Peter currently builds cool stuff for JUST EAT with AWS and Xamarin.

Brief Overview

Use Xamarin and Xamarin Forms to build native, cross-platform mobile applications. That's right, I said native. And cross-platform!


Using Xamarin on a project can reduce time to market by writing shared code in C# once rather than Java and Objective-C for Android and iOS.
Until recently, when developing an application with Xamarin you still used native UI tools for each mobile OS on top of your shared C# code. For some types of applications, shared code is minimal and the UIs are the biggest part of the application.
Since the release of Xamarin Forms, shared UI code across platforms is now possible.

In this session we'll dive into how the technology works, and we'll review the types of applications and teams that might be good candidates for a Xamarin Forms project.

Mar 28
Agile about Agile (Sponsors Track)

Russell Forster

Russell has been working in Agile Development environments for more than 10 years, from small startups to be large multinationals. He is currently working as a Technical Lead at JUSTEAT, where he leads their Consumer Web Applications team.

Brief Overview

JUSTEAT Technology has gone through many iteration and reincarnations of it development process. Growing from 5 engineers to over 100 supporting products across 13 countries has brought many challenges. Being Agile about our Agile Process has ensure we have been able to adapt and keep up with the demands of a fast moving business.

Mar 28
DDD South West Program of Events

​We take great pleasure in publishing out program of events for DDD South West 6 to be held on 25th April 2015.

The program can be viewed by using the following link.

DDD South West Program

(or the link in the navigation bar down the left side of the page).

We will open registration for DDD South West 6 on Saturday 4th April. Please visit this website for further information.

The DDD South West Team

Mar 14
Voting for DDDSW6 Sessions is now closed!

​Voting for DDDSW6 Sessions is now closed!

Thank you to everybody who has voted we will now take a short while to analyse the votes, contact those speakers who have been successful and draw up the program for the day.

If all goes to plan we will announce the program for DDDSW 6 on Saturday 28th March.

Don’t forget that registration for the event is due to start on Saturday 4th April.

The DDD South West Team

Mar 07
DDDSW 6 is Back on Track!

We would like to express our thanks to all of you out there who have assisted us in the search for sponsorship. A number of sponsors have now come forward and we are happy to announce that the DDDSW 6 event is once again back on track.

We would like to thank those sponsors who have offered us support and look forward to working with you to make this a successful event.

We are of course still willing to speak to any new sponsors who come forward so if you would like to get involved contact Juliet (

The DDD South West Team

Mar 02
DDDSW 6 Sponsorship

It is now only 8 weeks before we plan to run the DDDSW 6 event in Bristol but to date we have not been able to attract enough sponsorship to cover our essential costs. This currently leaves us with a funding shortfall.

We are therefore appealing to the DDDSW community for help to try to gain funding.

If you work for or know of a company that would like to sponsor this event then please put them in touch with us.

The team have looked at the various options available if we fail to get enough sponsorship and would like to highlight this to the community for discussion:

  • Run the event on a minimal budget (which we don't have yet). Delegates would be required to bring their own food and drink.
  • Charge delegates to attend, this would be a small cost of around £10 to £15. Lunch / snacks /drinks would be included.
  • Cancel the event

We are not keen to adopt any of these options, so we would appeal for anybody in the community who knows of a suitable sponsor to get in touch.

The DDD South West Team

Feb 28
Session Voting for DDDSW 6 is now open!

We would like to thanks all speakers who have submitted potential sessions for DDDSW 6.

Sessions for DDD South West 6 will be selected primarily by public vote.  At the end of the public vote the committee will review the selected sessions to ensure they cover a wide spectrum of topics (we don’t want too many sessions covering the same topic) and to ensure the sessions will fit the available timetable (in case one speaker gets selected for multiple sessions).

This year’s vote will be completed on Survey Monkey so please follow the link below to place your vote.

Click here to vote

Session voting will end on 14th March 2015

In the interest of fairness we request that you only vote once please!

The DDD South West Team

Feb 24
Session Proposal: Introducing OrigoDB

Robert Friberg

Robert Friberg is a software developer specialized on .NET and SQL Server with over 15 years of experience as a consultant and trainer. Robert is the lead developer of OrigoDB.
While not teaching Perl or writing AI algorithms, Robert can be found on the nearest squash court.

Brief Overview

OrigoDB is an in-memory database engine for Mono/NET providing full ACID support, lightning fast performance and offering a signifi

Description Overview

OrigoDB is an in-memory database engine for Mono/NET providing full ACID support, lightning fast performance and offering a significant reduction of development and operational costs.
No more relational modeling - use POCO’s and collections to define your domain model. No more  SQL or stored procedures - write commands using your favorite .NET language and use LINQ for queries. No more data access code or object/relational mapping - just work with your in-memory domain model and let the OrigoDB engine transparently take care of persistence and consistency.

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