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ASP.NET Core Razor Deep Dive

Joseph Woodward

Joseph is a .NET focused software engineer working at Just Eat, organiser of .NET South West and open-source contributor. His loves include programming, sharing knowledge, learning, growing, community, open-source software, speaking and blogging.

Brief Overview

In this talk we'll take a look at all of the changes, modifications and improvements that have been made to the Razor, ASP.NET Core's powerful templating view engine. 

We'll look at the powerful extensibility of .NET Core's new tag helpers syntax, building modular views via View Components and how to implement dependency injection within our views using .NET Core's built in IoC container.


Along with the rest of the framework, one area of ASP.NET Core that's seen a lot of change is Razor, ASP.NET Core's powerful view templating engine.

In this talk we'll dissect what's changed in the Razor view engine, how we can utilise Razor's new tag helpers to create cleaner, more manageable markup. the new View Components concept to create more modular, reusable views and how we can extend Razor to go further than we thought possible.

By the end of the talk you'll be able to go away and build better ASP.NET Core MVC applications with your deeper understanding of what new features are available to you and how best to utilise them.