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Docker For Beginners

Ashley Poole

Ashley Poole is a software developer with a DevOps and IT infrastructure background, as well as co-organiser of the Shropshire Devs user group. He's extremely passionate about the DevOps movement, as well as having an amateur interest in application security.

Brief Overview

A beginner’s overview of Docker and its new native Docker Swarm clustering capabilities, as well as also covering Windows Containers.


Docker was once only for the Unix ecosystem but now that has all changed, and the containerised goodness is now native to Windows (well, it's getting there anyway)!
In this session, we'll take a hands-on approach to getting started with of Docker on Linux, as well as its new native Docker Swarm capabilities before moving on to Windows containers.
After this talk, you'll hopefully understand the core Docker concepts and know enough to go away and start exploring Docker in more depth by yourself.
Warning due to Windows containers being cutting edge, this session may contain traces of demo-fail.​