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HALT! Who goes there?

Robin Minto

Robin is a developer/technical architect working for ByBox, a supply chain technology company in the UK.

He’s passionate about dev, ops, continuous improvement and all things security

Other passions include snowboarding, cycling and gin (but not together). He blogs at

Brief Overview

Stopping intruders at the gateway to your application, whilst allowing your users to enter unhindered, is the key to authentication. We'll look at various authentication options and end up better protected from the enemy at the gates.


Is the visitor to your website friend or foe? Authentication is the sentry to your web application or API. "Bad dudes" are ready to march into your app but you have to control who gets through the gate.

This session will show you how to authenticate your users and keep your application secure. We'll look at the threats to your system and how to avoid pitfalls. We'll compare options in the .NET ecosystem and consider when they might be used.

We'll look at examples in .NET Framework and .NET Core, tackle integration with Identity Server and look at third-party authentication systems. By the end of this session, you'll have learned how to change your authentication for the better or what to choose if you're starting out.