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​Layers, Abstractions & Spaghetti Code: Revisiting the Onion Architecture

Naeem Sarfraz

Naeem is a Software Engineer & Architect with a keen interest in writing better code using Domain-Driven Design and finding faster ways to deliver solutions using DevOps practises and ALM tools.

Brief Overview

Sharing of lessons learned from creating Big Balls of Mud and how to avoid them going forward.


There are not many stones I've left unturned in the quest of finding the "right" way to architect an ASP.NET web application, trying n-tier to no-tier, to hexagonal and onion. And no, this is not my entry for the Great British Bake Off.

Turn to Google for help and you'll drown in Business Logic Layers, Generic Repositories and Core class libraries. In this session we'll look at different examples of good and bad web application architectures from real-world experiences and why you might consider using Onion\Hexagonal to address problems like coupling and separations of concerns as we strive for a clean architecture.