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Make Continuous Delivery work for middle management – it is not black magic!

Matteo Emili

Matteo Emili is a Microsoft MVP since 2010 and a Professional Scrum Master. He has a passion for Agile Methodologies, Processes and all the techie stuff around the code, which leads him to always searching for something new to share with the worldwide community around ALM and DevOps.

Brief Overview

Let’s have a look at how to scale Continuous Delivery up and out, in a sustainable and approachable way. We all know it is an art of good practices and people working together, but the biggest challenge once it works is to make it scale properly towards an heterogeneous audience.


This session is about how to bring the positives from Continuous Delivery up the chain to middle-management. If Team Leaders and Project Managers have plenty of exposure to this, it is harder to explain the benefits to someone who often is even a non-technical person. We will go through several options for handling this massive change, how to take advantage of high level views, and we are going to see where ALM and DevOps tools provide great support to managers and above when it comes to scaling up the process to higher levels of the company.