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Chris Skardon​

​Chris has been doing .net since leaving University in 2003, in industries from Hedge Funds to Sports. For the last 3 years he's specialised in Graph Databases, specifically Neo4j where he is currently listed as one of their Ambassadors.​​​​

Brief Overview

Basically you need to know about Graph Databases, if you don't how can you make a good judgement call about whether you're using the right DB?​​​


Graph databases are largely missing from the .NET developers toolkit, the other NoSQL databases; document , key/value etc are catered for and covered but we have no native graph databases to use. But wait! There is a good graph database out there, but it has one problem, it's name (Neo4j). Specifically one letter of the name. 'J'. Yes, the 'J' stands for Java, but you should ignore that, it really is nothing to be scared of.

We can explore the CRUD world, from the perspective of the drivers and Cypher (Neo4j's equivalent of SQL).

​We'll probably create the super simple Twitter example that is the go-to standard (or maybe some other nifty example) and see that there is no need to hold back from developing against all that graph database goodness.​