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​Seperation of concerns in devops

​Chester Burbidge

Bristol based software engineer, who is loving this whole devops thing. Currently a member of the Abide Financial crew, walking the line between automation and decency.

Brief Overview

Seperation of concerns is a practice we all apply to our code, but can get lost when we implement our devops processes. This session describes some of these concerns, how they can get mixed up and some technologies to help prise them apart.​


There are a few products to help easily implement continuous integration and automated deployment in the .NET space. These products make things as simple as possible, but often lead developers down compromising paths due to their design (and business model). All is not lost though! This session will describe and demonstrate technologies and patterns to help developers practice devops with pride.

This session stems from my experience mis-using Teamcity and Octopus Deploy and talks about the importance of seperating the concerns of orchestration and action in relation to building and deploying software.​