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​The Hitchhiker's Guide to Redux

Sam Hogarth

Sam Hogarth is a Senior Developer at Scott Logic, where he spends his time building web-based trading platforms using React. He has five years experience working across the investment banking and applied science sectors, developing for the web, desktop and mobile.

Brief Overview

Redux is a library that is gaining rapid traction in the JavaScript development community for all the right reasons. It’s “this changes everything” caliber. The Hitchhikers Guide to Redux shows you how the library works and how to harness its productivity benefits, from a beginner’s point of view.


In this talk we'll take a look at why developers are getting excited about the Redux library for front-end development, such as its simple management of application state, ease of testing and some of the cool added extras to make you more productive during development. Whether you're an experienced front-end developer, or just simply curious, this talk will equip you with a solid understanding of modern front-end practices.