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​​​Tournr - A Tale of 3 Databases

Chris Skardon​​

Chris has been doing .net since leaving University in 2003, in industries from Hedge Funds to Sports. For the last 3 years he's specialised in Graph Databases, specifically Neo4j where he is currently listed as one of their Ambassadors.​

Brief Overview

Tournr - a website built by Chris has had 3 major iterations - from RDBMS to DocumentDB to GraphDB, was it worth it?​​


A few years ago I launched Tournr using SQL Server as my backend - as you do. But then I learned about Raven and went all in, and then I decided to go with Neo4j (this is before I became an ambassador for Neo) 'But why?!' you may ask - and I will tell you, but not here, as that would ruin the surprise. Spoiler alert! (It works out ok in the end)​​