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Typescript for C# Developers

Sandeep Singh​

Sandeep is a Software Consultant and owner of Initial Spark. He is adept at helping organisations such as NHS Digital realise genuine business benefits rapidly through the design and development of high performing solutions. His main interests are in web technologies and distributed systems.

Brief Overview

An in-depth look at TypeScript from the perspective of a C# developer. I'll discuss the problems TypeScript aims to solve, do some hands-on coding to highlight the benefits, core features and how to get started using TypeScript.


Are you developing a large-scale JavaScript application? Want to use the latest language features? Tired of catching errors at runtime and want easier refactoring? TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript that aims to solve these issues and help boost productivity when writing JavaScript applications. It combines optional type checking and static analysis whilst only adding the required syntax to improve code structure, maintainability and reduce potential runtime errors.

In this interactive session, I’ll introduce TypeScript from the perspective of the C# developer. We’ll build a demo application starting with the basics, working our way towards more advanced features. You will learn:
  • How TypeScript differs from JavaScript
  • The benefits and features of TypeScript such as modules, interfaces, generics, mixins, intellisense and more
  • Setting up a TypeScript environment including: IDE and tooling support
  • Strategies for migrating an existing JS project to TypeScript