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​Unload your silver bullets

Tomasz Bartoszewski

I'm a software developer who enjoys sharing knowledge with other people. After absorbing many ideas on conferences, I would like to give something back to the community. I use .NET, love SQL and play with Rubik's cubes.

Brief Overview

When we start a new project we have to pick a stack, a language, frameworks and libraries. Many different options, so something will suit our need, and then we go for relational database, because that's what our parents told us to do.


We talk a lot about frameworks, possible languages, 10 more JS frameworks released last week, but quite rarely about databases, and we use them daily, same one for every problem in the universe, just because during last few projects we used it. During the session I would like to present other options for storing and manipulating data.

​After NoSQL revolution we added to our toolbox document databases, if you have to cache something you probably use key-value store. But the world of databases is bigger than that. And for some problems different one may work better. So if you feel adventurous, join me for a session of exploring during database safari.