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​What is .NET Standard?​

Adam Ralph

Adam is a software developer and an open source advocate with a keen interest in distributed systems design, DDD, CQRS and event sourcing. He maintains FakeItEasy and and contributes to many more open source projects.​​​​

Brief Overview

Confused between .NET Standard and .NET Core? Wondering what problems you don't have that .NET Standard is trying to solve? Baffled by how it works? Come and find out how and why .NET Standard is set to make a big impact on the ecosystem.​​


.NET Standard is one of many new technologies to emerge from the mass of open source .NET initiatives during the past year. Compared to what's come before, .NET Standard is not only a more effective way to use NuGet packages cross platform, it's also way simpler. It has the potential to remove most, if not all, of the current confusion surrounding cross platform multi-targeting. So what is exactly is it and how does it work? How does it relate to .NET Core? Join Adam as he answers these questions and more, and takes a dive into some of the magic which makes .NET Standard work.​