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DDD South West Sessions

Following is a list of the Sessions Proposed for DDD South West 5:

Hello Cortana - The Windows Phone 8.1 New Bits - Kris Athi

Writing better CSS with LESS - Andy Gibson

Software Craftsmanship: Raising the bar, elitist or just snake oil? - Ian Russell

Designing for mobile (AKA Designing for Everything) - George Adamson

Diddy Intro to Angular JS - George Adamson

Waaay better CSS layout with GSS (GridStyleSheets) - George Adamson

Intro to Gulp.js streaming build system - George Adamson

10 things I learnt about web application security being pen tested by banks - James Crowley

A gentle introduction to AngularJS - Mauro Servienti

NServiceBus powered events: how to remove entropy in an eventual consistent world - Mauro Servienti

RavenDB: the document database - Mauro Servienti

OAuth - why should you care? - Jimmy Skowronski

Automated deployment with Octopus - Jimmy Skowronski

The Alternative C# Stack - Mathew McLoughlin

An Introduction to Nancy -  Mathew McLoughlin

An introduction to Grunt and Gulp and how they make building fast responsive web apps easier - Jagvinder Singh Reehal

ZeroMQ Messaging that Works - Ashic Mahtab

Complexity => Simplicity - Ashic Mahtab

7 Top Tips - A full stack ASP.NET MVC5 EF6 Testable application - Dave Mateer

Typed? Dynamic? Both! Cross-platform DSLs in C# - Vagif Abilov

Introduction to S.O.L.I.D - Colin Angus Mackay

Headless browser as a print tool in ASP.NET MVC applications - Pavol Rovensky

Architecting large Single Page Applications with Knockout.js - Steve Sanderson

Federated Identity - enabling single sign-on across all your apps and systems - Stephen Askew

Why Are Data Scientists so Good at Predicting the Future? They Just 'R' - Gary Short

Hadoop and Big Data for Microsoft Developers - Gary Short

An Introduction to Deedle - Gary Short

Super charging your JavaScript development experience - Chris Canal

Continuous Integration, in an hour, on a shoestring - Phil Collins

Beginners Guide to the Kinect API - Phil Collins

Introduction to development with ASP.Net MVC 5 - David Ringsell

Top 5 mistakes Enterprise developers make when going mobile - Stephen Ball

Utilising Enterprise data safely across multiple platforms -  Stephen Ball

What's new with Windows Phone 8.1 - Matt Lacey

Real-time geospatial visualisation with SignalR and OpenLayers - Martin Thornalley

Escaping the flatlands - 3D in-browser made easy - ThreeJS and WebGL - Stuart Lodge

Taking the right route with OWIN - Pete Smith

Beyond responsive design - UI for the modern web application  - Pete Smith

"It doesn't work like that in enterprise" - Pete Smith

Neo4j & .NET - A match made in …? - Chris Skardon

F# Eye for the C# Guy - Phil Trelford

Catching Bigfoot with a Graph Database - Yan Cui

F# in Social Gaming - Yan Cui

Adding a DSL to your application with MEF and IronPython - Richard Fennell

Redis cluster - everything you need to know - Marc Gravell