.NET Core Dependency Injection – The Booster Jab

Submitted by Steve Collins

Talk Abstract:

With the release of .NET Core 3.x and the promise of a unified .NET 5 based on it, more developers have now got to grips with the basics of using the default Microsoft Dependency Injection container that comes with .NET Core. However, the story does not end there...

This talk will take you beyond the basics and cover more complex topics such as

  • Avoiding unintended multiple registrations
  • Conflicts between service lifetimes
  • Understanding the Root and Scoped service providers
  • Automated service registration packages
  • Registering and resolving open generics, classes with multiple interfaces; and interfaces with multiple class implementation
  • Integrating with other DI containers
  • Key named registrations are not supported ... but I need it!
  • Getting better startup performance from your registered services
  • Thread safety and avoiding memory leaks
  • Validating and unit testing your service registrations

The talk assumes that you have already had an initial dose of DI knowledge and are now ready for a top up to avoid some nasty bugs.

About Steve Collins

Steve Collins is an independent software developer/architect with over 25 years’ experience in the industry working with Microsoft technologies.

Steve blogs at and tweets @SteveTalksCode

Steve has given talks about configuration at events and user groups around the UK and had also discussed configuration as a guest on the Documentation Not Included podcast