From Event Storming to Working API Microservice

Submitted by Andrew Young H Chaa

Talk Abstract:

We will start from event storming. We will define what events we have and what behaviours they are going to trigger. Then we will build an API app with ASP.NET Core. We will use Mediatr and Mediator pattern to define our domain events and event handlers. The stormed-out business process will guide and drive our code to the end. With this session, I'd like to share the practical journey from event storming to actual working microservice. This wouldn't be about in-depth event storming or API design. It will be more of raw, down-to-earth, no-bullshit, no unicorn but super-real showcase of Domain Driven Design in action.

The session will consists of

  • Introduction to Event Storming
  • Designing workflows with Mediatr
  • Practical Issues #1 - Validations
  • Practical Issues #2 - Transaction Scope
  • Practical Issues #3 - Point of Operation Failure

About Andrew Young H Chaa

Experienced API and Cloud platform Developer with a demonstrated history of working on large scale, high capacity distributed systems. Skilled in message and event driven Microservice Architecture, CQRS, and Functional-flavoured Programming. Having worked at Just Eat and currently working at Clear Bank as Principal Engineer.