I Promise to Give You a Callback if You’ll Just Await: Working with Asynchronous JavaScript

Submitted by James Bender

Talk Abstract:

When writing client-side JavaScript applications, performance is critical. As a developer, you want to make sure your application is fast, responsive and feels like it’s seamlessly connected to every resource your users need, anywhere in the world. Creating these types of applications for the browser means having to be conscious of the runtime constraints the browser put upon you, and how to best work within them. For JavaScript, asynchronous programming is one of the most useful tools available to create compelling applications that make the user feel like they have the world at their fingers, while never feeling slow, bogged down or unresponsive.

In this session, you’ll learn why asynchronous development is so critical to creating a great JavaScript application. You’ll learn how concurrency works in a little differently in JavaScript then you might be used to, and see some patterns to help you deal with even the most complex asynchronous situations. You'll see that asynchronous JavaScript is an easy and effective way to create great and responsive JavaScript applications.

About James Bender

James is a Freelance Developer/Consultant, working mostly in JavaScript (React, Angular, Node) and .NET. He has worked as a developer and architect on everything from small, single-user applications to Enterprise-scale, multi-user systems. He is a Microsoft MVP Alumnus as well as an ASP.NET Insider and author of the book "Professional Test-Driven Development with C#: Developing Real World Applications with TDD" James's Twitter ID is JamesBender