Write Better JavaScript with Unit Testing

Submitted by James Bender

Talk Abstract:

Are you a new or veteran JavaScript developer who never jumped on the unit testing/TDD train? Was it because you didn't think you needed it? Was it because someone on your team said: "Well, we're using TypeScript, so we're good"? Was it because you came to JavaScript from .NET/Java, took one look at the tooling, configuration, and testing style and said "Nope!"

Well, all of that is going to change.

In this session, you’ll see why unit testing is so necessary and how it can help you avoid long nights of sifting through your (or worse; your teammates) code, trying to figure out why it’s not working. You will see tools and techniques that make unit testing your JavaScript applications easy, even in frameworks like Angular, React, Node, and Vue. You’ll also see how to get your team and management on board with unit testing so that everyone can write great JavaScript!

About James Bender

James is a Freelance Developer/Consultant, working mostly in JavaScript (React, Angular, Node) and .NET. He has worked as a developer and architect on everything from small, single-user applications to Enterprise-scale, multi-user systems. He is a Microsoft MVP Alumnus as well as an ASP.NET Insider and author of the book "Professional Test-Driven Development with C#: Developing Real World Applications with TDD" James's Twitter ID is JamesBender