Evolutionary architecture in the natural world

Submitted by Ian Johnson

Talk Abstract:

Starting with a single cell, nature has ruthlessly iterated to produce to extremely complex systems and has developed solutions to many different problems that we talk about today:

  • Architecture of large-scale systems
  • Communication at a distance
  • Eventual consistency
  • Security
  • Fault tolerance
  • Multivariate testing strategies
  • Adaptive algorithms for learning
  • and much much more...

I will explore how nature has solved these issues, the parallels with our own systems, what we can learn and what we could do differently.

About Ian Johnson

Ian is a software developer working at Redgate, a company that develops tools for developers and database administrators.

Ian is passionate about writing maintainable code that delivers on the needs of users. Though he considers himself an introvert, Ian loves talking with other developers, learning from their experiences and sharing his own.

Outside of work, Ian is a passionate Star Wars fan and has been known to make the occasional really bad pun, but all of his code is "no-pun sourced" (sorry, couldn't resist).