The Road to Continuous Deployment

Submitted by John Kilmister

Talk Abstract:

One of the core principles of the agile manifesto is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software. Continuous delivery can fulfil this along with reducing risk and increasing team throughput.

The talk covers the terms and process involved with continuous integration, continuous delivery and continuous deployment. As part of this it tackles some of the misconceptions and misunderstanding of what is needed to achieve this level of automation. Finally the talk shows some of the tooling that you can used to achieve an automated continuous deployment process.

For the last five years, my team have been using continuous deployment with the medium size department deploying to production 8-10 times a day (including Fridays) and in this talk I hope to share our experiences to encourage greater automation and confidence in the deployment processes.

About John Kilmister

John has been a software developer for last 20 years and currently the principal architect at PureGym.

He has previously worked on background services, desktop and Xamarin mobile application however has spent most of his career on web applications. The most recent 10 years have been specialising in leading projects on high traffic, multi-language e-commerce websites.

John is new to speaking at conferences however is keen to share his experience with others.