Alphabets to Zip Codes - Localisation beyond translation

Submitted by John Kilmister

Talk Abstract:

As the world gets smaller Internationalization (and Localisation) is something that more developers need to think about yet it is a complex subject. It is also, however, one of those things that a few small changes at the right time can save a lot of effort down the line.

This talk is a tour of many of the consideration when setting out on a Localization and Internationalization projects. It mainly focuses on websites however many of the themes are applicable to mobile and desktop software.

It addition to the tech it is full of quirky facts about countries, cultures and stories about things that had not even been realised before going live in the new country.

About John Kilmister

John has been a software developer for last 20 years and currently the principal architect at PureGym.

He has previously worked on background services, desktop and Xamarin mobile application however has spent most of his career on web applications. The most recent 10 years have been specialising in leading projects on high traffic, multi-language e-commerce websites.

John is new to speaking at conferences however is keen to share his experience with others.