Evolution of Software: Coping with change

Submitted by Elizabeth Hanson

Talk Abstract:

Software needs to constantly evolve in order to meet the always changing needs of customers. In addition the ecosystem in which software resides never stays the same for long. New requirements as well as new tools and updates to external dependencies are never ending in the world of a software engineer. How can you stay ahead of these ever changing demands? What methods and strategies can you use to minimise the impact of these changes? I will look at how to design your software up front to reduce the amount of time needed to cope with change. Also I will look at how you can refactor your existing code base to future proof for change.

About Elizabeth Hanson

Experienced software engineer of nearly 20 years. After completing a PhD in bioinformatics switched to writing code and have been working in the industry ever since. Worked in both large and small companies with a variety of different technology stacks. Over the years worked in multiple different languages most recently using C#. Has seen many different ways of doing things come and go but mostly enjoys writing and creating well written clean architectures which work.
Now a Technology manager at Just Eat based in Bristol. Also a mother of two teenager (or nearly) girls.