Wrapping the AWS DynamoDB client with F#

Submitted by Nicholas Blair

Talk Abstract:

In this session, we'll build an F# wrapper around the DynamoDB client library. We'll model the library types with discriminated unions to make queries more idiomatic. We'll also use the applicative reader-monad to see if we can transform untrusted, external data into domain types. Spoiler alert: we can! (

Key takeaways you can expect:

  • an introduction to DynamoDB
  • the monad demystified using a real-world example
  • recursive types, recursive types, recursive types

This talk was given at the F# London meetup in February 2020

About Nicholas Blair

Nick is Head of Technology at TotallyMoney where he has assembled a team of F# apostles. He began professional programming with .NET Framework 1.1 and became an F# believer in 2012. Nick now spends his time coding, coaching and converting others to functional programming. He attributes his youthful appearance to the lack of stress experienced maintaining statically-typed codebases.