Want to know about spices? Lets talk to Alexa!

Submitted by Poornima Jayamohan Nayar

Talk Abstract:

Alexa is the cloud based, natural voice service from Amazon. It is an intuitive way of interacting with technology - using natural spoken language, and once you are past the learning curve, developing for Alexa can be quite fun.

I come from India. Talk about my home country and you just cannot not talk about spices. Spices might be "the ingredient which adds taste and aroma to your food" but they have a variety of uses from cleaning to being used in quick home remedies.

My session will combine the two - spices and Alexa. I will talk about developing a custom Alexa skill which can tell you some interesting facts about spices. Attendees can gain knowledge on how to develop a custom skill for Alexa using .Net and of course, some knowledge on spices!

About Poornima Jayamohan Nayar

Poornima is a .Net developer and technical architect with over 7 years of experience in .Net technologies. She is passionate about learning new technologies and keeping herself up-to-date with the latest developments in technology. Outside her work, Poornima enjoys music and is undergoing training in Indian Classical music. Based in Langley, UK she mothers a little girl and spends her spare time reading, cooking and watching movies.