Migrating to .NET Core: A real life example

Submitted by Craig Bridges

Talk Abstract:

In this talk I'll discuss how we recently went about migrating our flagship application from .NET Framework 4.6 to .NET Core with the majority of our code being converted to .NET Standard.

We'll learn about:

  • The benefits of migrating
  • Which version you should migrate to
  • Some of the differences between ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core
  • Practical approaches to migrating
  • Some of the hurdles we faced
  • Why taking on this task can make you a better developer

If you're considering migrating your existing applications to .NET Core this talk may be helpful to you.

About Craig Bridges

Craig is lead software engineer at Code Change, based in Bradford-on-Avon, UK. He specializes in software architecture, and since 2011 has been focussed on all things .NET related. During the past 15 years, Craig has developed software solutions across many sectors including automotive, insurance, finance, retail, education and probate. Craig blogs at and can be contacted on Twitter via the handle @CraigBridgesUK.