Keeping up with .NET web development in 2020

Submitted by Jon Hilton

Talk Abstract:

"Keeping up" with ASP.NET Development in 2020 us hard...

Gone are the days when you could just knock up a WebForms site, add a little JQuery and get on with your life.

Now you face choices, so many choices:

  • MVC or Razor Pages?
  • Blazor?
  • ASP.NET Core Web API + JS framework?
  • React, Angular, Vue?

Where do you start, and what if you choose the "wrong" option?

Well I'm here to help!

There is no "wrong" option; after all, technologies come and go but foundational principles remain constant throughout.

Some relatively small tweaks to your application architecture can make it much easier to ride these technology waves as they come and go.

Join me as we explore what it takes to build better web applications, whatever the framework.

By the end of this session you'll have a solid approach you can take to building all your web applications, leaving you free to choose the best framework for the job without rewriting the entire thing when the next shiny new framework inevitably arrives...

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