An opinionated journey from zero to one

Submitted by Savvas Kleanthous

Talk Abstract:

You need more than coding to take a product idea to production.

In this talk I will present a set of tools, patterns, and practices that I have personally found to work cohesively together, to help a product team build a complex sociotechnical system. In this talk you’ll find some reasonably generic answers to question like:

  1.   Should I invest a lot of time to build an evolvable architecture or an MVP as soon as possible and iterate?
  2.   Communication between modules\components
  3.   How to make sure that the implementation matches the understanding inside of the SME's\customers\Domain experts head.
  4.   What does value really mean at different parts of your journey? Is it money or something else?
  5.   How do I measure progress? Should I? Managing expectations.
  6.   Surviving live customers using your product.
  7.   What process should we follow for implementation?

Along with resources where you can find more information.

You will not learn about a silver bullet (they don't exist remember?). Instead, by the end you will hopefully have learned why you need to at least consider an answer for all of the above questions (among others), and how the presented tools, patterns, and practices can form a good baseline to meet your goals.

About Savvas Kleanthous

I am a quality-driven and experienced architect, and previously lead developer. I have helped companies solve complex problems starting from collaborative discovery, design workshops, all the way through to implementation of sociotechnical systems.

I have worked on highly scalable, ultra performant systems and services across the entertainment, financial, telecommunications and shipping domains.

I have a significant experience with DDD and CQRS and have delivered solutions using these. I also have experience with event driven architecture and micro-services (again in a DDD context).