Monitoring your Infrastructure and applications in a Cloud Native world using Prometheus

Submitted by Joseph Woodward

Talk Abstract:

So you've deployed your application and infrastructure changes, but how do you know they're functioning as expected? How do you know they're not causing your users pain?

Since its initial inception in 2012, Prometheus has quickly established itself as the canonical monitoring and alerting tool within the Cloud Native space.

In this talk we'll take a hands on approach to monitoring a whole range of applications and services, including:

  • .NET Core applications
  • Docker containers
  • Databases
  • Even GitHub repositories and other external APIs

About Joseph Woodward

Joseph Woodward is a Senior Software Engineer at Just Eat, organiser of .NET South West, co-organiser of the DDD South West developers' conference and open-source contributor. Over the years Joseph has developed a keen interested in distributed systems and resiliency engineering.