Building Cloud-Native Application Bundles (CNABs) with Porter

Submitted by Mike Larah

Talk Abstract:

CNAB (Cloud-Native Application Bundle) is a new specification designed for facilitating the bundling, installing and managing of cloud-native or distributed apps. It provides you with a way to containerise your installation process, and easily deploy & share your entire solution across any cloud, on-prem, or at the edge.

It offers an abstraction for defining all the required artefacts and steps to install your applications, bringing together whatever multitude of tools, their pre-requisites, and the runbooks required.

As an example, you could be creating cross-cloud PaaS infrastructure with the Azure and AWS CLIs, deploying your container images to a Kubernetes cluster with Helm, and configuring your application with Bash and PowerShell scripts; it is to distributed solutions what MSIs are to Windows applications.

Porter is an opinionated, open-source tool implementing the CNAB spec, capable of building, publishing, managing, and invoking bundles.

In this talk, we'll look in detail at the CNAB spec and discuss the advantages of adopting it for your applications, then look at some examples of building and publishing bundles using the Porter tooling.

About Mike Larah

Mike is a Software Engineer at endjin with 7 years of experience in solving business problems with technology. He has worked on a wide range of projects for clients across industries such as financial services, recruitment, and retail, with a strong focus on Azure technologies.