New test pyramid for microservices

Submitted by Jorge Marin

Talk Abstract:

In a post-monolithic era, the test pyramid should be revisited to better fit new architectures, solving new problems with new approaches. This talk will review the software test pyramid and propose an improved test pyramid based on latest architectures/problems, adapting our test strategy to the new world so we can trust software again.

Microservices have been spoken at length and implemented in a lot of places for a while now. But we are still trying to apply the old test strategies, which are not covering some aspects of these kind of architectures. While working with a microservices architecture at scale in production at Dyson, we found that unit testing + integration tests + manual tests are not enough to catch all that can go wrong when writing these services. Hence we need to introduce new ways like service level tests, contract tests and end to end tests.

Key takeaways: Better understanding on how to properly test microservices and which type of tests deliver the most value when looking at a microservices architecture from different angles. The audience will learn about new tools to approach testing microservices from a wider perspective.

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