MongoDB vs SQL Server

Submitted by Kevin Smith

Talk Abstract:

Project Manager - “So team, what technologies are we going to use to write this great new music tracking application?” Dev 1 - “blazor + .net core for the frontend, and SQL Server for the database” **Dev 2 **- “SQL Server! – It’s 2020 we should be using MongoDB”

In this talk we hope to end this debate once and for all. David and Kev will go head to head showing the advantages (and disadvantages) of their preferred database technology

About Kevin Smith

Kevin is a Microsoft MVP and a technology enthusiast. He runs 2 user groups in the north, dotnet York and dotnetsheff, and casually speaks at user groups. He is passionate about sharing knowledge and helping in the community, likewise, he is keen to contribute to open source projects. He has worked across a broad range of domains including; logistics, law, travel, finance and analytics.