Full-Fat Functions

Submitted by Layla Porter

Talk Abstract:

Azure Functions has come a long way. With v3 we can now develop functions locally using the latest .NET Core framework and use cool features such as dependency injection.

In this session, we will move beyond demoware and look at the development of Azure Functions from start to production. This includes choosing the right plan, finding use cases for durable functions, logging and monitoring, storing data, and digging into the advantages of deployment slots.

We’ll test your application, discuss design patterns, make it secure, and debug it (both locally and remotely) so that by the end of the session, we should be well equipped to build a complementary microservice or API to suit most business needs.

About Layla Porter

As a former Pilates teacher and professional horse-rider, Layla changed careers and became a self-taught .NET developer. Microsoft technologies and the support of people using it became her new passion. Layla is a Microsoft MVP, she organises the .NET user group in Milton Keynes and helps developers all over the world as a Twilio developer evangelist.