A Centennial's guide to learning to code

Submitted by Callum Whyte

Talk Abstract:

The days of learning to code BASIC or building your first 8-bit game on your parent’s Commodore 64 are gone, replaced by building your first app and website. But with powerful technology conventional in their lives, where does the people that have never known life without the internet turn to spark that same excitement previous generations felt?

Do you still need to learn computer science to succeed in the industry? Do you start with C++, or Java or something else? What about Blockchain? Serverless? Or whatever the latest JavaScript framework is?!

Getting his first coding job at 16 without any formal education, Callum will share his experience as a self-taught programmer, his motivations and challenges, and the languages he learnt, plus some opinions on where to get started.

We’ll look at the different ways companies, developers, parents can inspire the next generation of programmers, and what we as an industry need to do to embrace them and keep up with the ever-growing demand for jobs.

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