Thinking Functionally

Submitted by John Stovin

Talk Abstract:

The determined programmer can write FORTRAN programs in any language - Ed Post

C# is becoming a true multi-paradigm language. As well as being a powerful object-oriented language, it is embracing many features that originated in the functional language community.

To program effectively in a functional language, you need to discard many of the thought processes and habits that you have developed for coding in ‘curly bracket’ languages and understand a new set of idioms and ways to think about code.

In this session I will talk about some of those fundamental idioms, explain why they exist and how they interact to provide a very different framework for thinking about your code. Even if you never write any F#, these ways of thinking can be used to make your C# code more efficient and more robust.

About John Stovin

John has been a software developer for longer than he cares to remember. He learned to program on a Commodore PET back in the 1970s. He lives in the heart of the Peak District and has spent the last 20 years working for various companies in and around Sheffield, working on systems for Marine Navigation, DVD production, and Educational Administration among others. He also teaches part-time at the Department of Computer Science at The University of Sheffield. He regularly attends and occasionally presents at the Sheffield .NET User Group and at (def_shef), the Sheffield Functional Programming interest group. He has also presented at DDDNorth and DDDSouthWest on several occasions, and at other user groups.